Chris Wallace

Chris is the founder Director of Wallace Transform, which has been in operation since February 2016.

His unique background combines both corporate communication and a literary career; as Managing Director of one of Scotland’s largest Advertising Agencies he led on flagship public information campaigns including a close working relationship with Government. As Communications Director of Scottish Water he played a pivotal role in the organisation’s reputational transformation, and as a published author his four novels have achieved critical acclaim and Saltire Award status.


We specialise in business, organisation, and change narrative. How can we successfully engage stakeholders and make them positive contributors to our cause? By introducing and explaining ourselves in a compelling, authentic and effective narrative.

We work on analysing how an organisation is currently being received, and what it should seek to project instead. What should it build on, what should it seek to correct and align? And which of its own instincts should it listen to more?

We co-create the new narrative in an industry-leading workshop session, rather then simply producing a new script, this ensures authenticity and buy-in from the top. We develop pragmatic action plans to get the new narrative in play and working, often helping clients explore new digital channels and web overhauls, generate new digital content such as explainer videos, podcasts, apps and online events.


We have worked with organisations such as The Community lottery fund, British Council, Scottish Land Commission, Scottish Natural Heritage, Turning Point Scotland, Forest and Land Scotland and more to define organisational narrative and pinpoint an authentic compelling articulation of the vision, mission and purpose.

We have worked with Government in Scotland and Wales, exploring policy narrative and an articulation of policy proposition that makes stakeholders engage on a platform of understanding.

We have helped global professional service enterprises such as Mott MacDonald, Saur and Stantec achieve cut-through in competitive environments through more confident control of the message they project.

We have worked with utilities such as Eon, Southern Water and Irish Water to build their storytelling capacity and ability to engage.

Open Programmes & Events

An intensive day’s induction into the latest learnings and applications of narrative techniques to shape more effective communication and positive engagement.
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Policy and Organisational Narrative

Could your communications activities be more focussed and consistent through all your channels?

What proposition does your use of language, choice of channels and stakeholder touchpoints actively project, with or without your control?

What makes the epic stories still resonate today, and what can learn from them and apply with startling effectiveness in a content-rich and attention-poor modern digital age?

Learn how to better frame sometimes disparate efforts through the stories that build your overall narrative. Understand the models and tools available to both analyse and begin a more purposeful and effective profile for your policy or organisation. Understand how the reception of similar policies and organisations have been transformed through this process . Learn how to monitor, control and optimise communication delivery.

Designed for:

  • Senior leaders with a responsibility to shape positive perceptions of their organisation
  • Policy professionals charged with creating and managing a supportive stakeholder environment
  • Leaders/Policy Leaders/Communications Leaders seeking to operate from a sustainable strategic platform rather than an endlessly reactive and defensive one.
  • Communication Leaders/ Change Leaders seeking to ensure their organisation/policy/change project would pass any narrative audit as part of overall governance

Delegates will learn how to:

  • Develop the authentic narrative that can ensure an optimised reception for their organisational or policy initiative
  • Use a practical set of tools and frameworks to get this into play and noticed
  • Enrol others into their vision of success
  • Use analytical models to understand the environment within which their communications must work, and how these might be received
  • Exploit frameworks to build and test narrative segments and propositions
  • Differentiate effectively between narrative and proposition, use models to determine which to use and when
  • Re-energise and reconnect with their best communication instincts

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The Royal Botanical Gardens
Policy & Org Narrative 25th September Details and registration
The Royal Botanical Gardens
Change Narrative 26th September Details and registration
Policy & Org Narrative 1st October Details and registration
Policy & Org Narrative 2nd October Details and registration
Cardiff Hilton
Policy, Org & Change 8th October Details and registration
Queen’s University
Policy, Org & Change 10th October Details and registration
The Studio
Policy, Org & Change 29th October Details and registration

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