10am - The story of Narrative

Introduction; The Power of Narrative.

Selection of the day’s case study base.

Part One: Narrative Development / Change Narrative Development

Tools for analysis and definition of the effect we seek from our new narrative; what we should seek to counter, what we should seek to install.

The what and where of the journey we will describe

The how of how we will get there

Frameworks for creating and developing breakthrough narrative

Models for testing effectiveness and fitness for purpose pre-launch.

Exercise, Case Studies.

Part Two: Propositions

What makes an effective narrative / change narrative proposition?

Case Study, Exercise.

Applying Brand discipline to policy and organisational positioning; frameworks, case study, exercise

Defining the rational from the emotional appeal of our proposition, tools to achieve the optimum balance


Part Three: Bringing it Together

The difference between narrative and proposition; learning how to exploit and use the difference, and when.

Case study, exercise.

Part Four: Getting it in play

A Practical Guide/ Toolkit / Take-aways for the reality of our working environment

4pm Close

Price £620 + Vat, lunch included